The Bird … and The Cracker (k.b. 2010)

I am creating a new term for featured works, en vedette, which means “in the limelight” in French.

Here is an example of how the colloquialism is used in French:

Cet été, les produits de climatisation, et de ventilation étaient en vedette, les produits éclairage figurent toujours également dans le palmarès. 

In English:

This past summer, air-conditioning equipment and fans were in the limelightwhile lighting products are always among our most popular items as well. 

The reasons I am retiring the old {daily pic} are two-fold:

(1) I’m not sure I will be able to post a feature every day, and

(2) I will be resurfacing a lot of content from the past and the {daily pic} wouldn’t really apply. I needed a phrase both broad and, ultimately, easily searchable.

En vedette!