Seeing David Hayes’ still life, P.O.V., (below) reminded me of this picture by another Hayes, Sean Hayes in this case. Entitled “Study After Cezanne No. 4,” it is perhaps my favorite still life ever submitted to Pixels. It was the {daily pic} on April 21, 2012.

At the time, I wrote this:

Sean sent in four variations on this still life. This is my favorite, but they are all great. He has done a wonderful job of conceiving, staging (and lighting?) this piece, capturing beautifully the sensuous folds and creases of the almost iridescent tablecloth to suggest a rumpled bed, perhaps: the folds seem to converge underneath the ripening fruit. The slight grunging and texturizing of the earth-toned vignetting is just the right touch, meta in a most splendid way. An undercurrent of sexuality, at once humorous and worldly, permeates the tableau.

And the oil can?

Well, I think Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray would take Sean out for a drink.

Here are the other three images from Sean’s series:

And I think some music is in order, some pear-shaped music from the patron saint of Pixels.

Erik Satie – Morceau en Forme de Poire

Three pear-shaped pieces is a composition for piano four hands’ of Erik Satie . Scores were completed in September 1903 . Ironically, Three pieces pear-shaped has seven movements.