Judy Green

A few months ago, pictures started arriving here on the site from a new artist, Judy Green. They were bold pictures, smeared with vivid colors and big strokes, yet there was often an element of fragility or delicate feminity embedded within the maelstrom.  Very quickly I came to recognize her pictures as they loaded, before I could even see who had submitted them: unmistakable, and pure Judy. Her pictures have a very western feel as well, evoking the energy of the desert and of that most strange of American cities, Las Vegas, where she lives. We are grateful to have Judy as a regular contributor to the site. She is proof that passion is the primary element of creating vibrant pictures using an iPhone. I asked her if she would deign to be featured artist here on the site this month. She said yes.

Below are a few quick answers to questions, but first I want to thank Robert and Edina Herold of Hungary for being our featured artists last month. Their contributions to Pixels cannot be overstated. Thank you, Robert and Edina.

Heeeeeeere’s Judy:

I’ve been shooting with the iPhone for about seven months.  Although I’ve had my phone for over a year, I only recently began using the phone camera more actively.  I normally use the 3G default camera and then post process using photo apps.   I spend a lot of time working on my photos, usually days – although there are those times when it all comes together as it should in a shorter amount of time.  My shooting preference usually involves architectural elements.  I also enjoy taking random photographs of people that I encounter in the course of the day.

Each day I find myself looking for opportunities, sometimes in the most mundane of settings, that might allow for a really great shot.  I work on my photos every day and enjoy enhancing most of my images with favorite apps.  Since all of the post processing is done right on the phone, it makes the process nice and portable so that I’m able to work on my images any time and anywhere.  I first began working with only a few basic apps.  Now my phone contains such a large number and such a wide variety of photo apps,  it’s sometimes really difficult to choose which to use for a specific photo.  In my opinion, the best apps include FX somewhere in their title.  Apps I dislike are those that crash in the midst of editing and before I’ve had a chance to save the work in progress.

iPhoneography is a wonderful creative outlet – and also very addictive.  In the past, I have worked in other art mediums but this is by far my most favorite creative endeavor.  Through the years I have enjoyed painting, drawing, primitive rug hooking and creating lifesized sculptural figures all of which required a ton of supplies.  The convenience and portability of iPhone art photography is a real plus.  As far as photography, before the iPhone I used a traditional camera in a very limited capacity for basic family pics and the like.

I am continually blown away by the amazing work of my fellow iPhoneographers.  Their beautifully processed photographs are definitely a source of inspiration to me.  Since my general preference tends to lean toward black and white photography,  I especially enjoy the work of Elliott Erwitt, Ansel Adams and others.  A favorite E. Erwitt quote…  “To me, photography is an art of observation.  It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Many thanks to Knox Bronson and Pixels – The Art of the iPhone.  It’s an honor to be featured here …

Judy, thank YOU for your wonderful pictures.