In late 2012, The Third Wave PIXELS Exhibition opened at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley where we had done the first ever iPhone art gallery show in 2010. I was in contact with Butow in Germany and he wanted to include a lot of the pictures in a show he was doing at his gallery in Bremen, The Galerie OutOfMyMind, a name that is pure Butow. I sent him the files and he handled the printing and framing at his own expense.

I have had these images on my Mac desktop (found looking for something else as is often the case) for a couple months, intending to make this very gallery on PIXELS one of these days. With the news of his passing, I could no longer put it off. Unfortunately, not all of PIXELS pictures made it into this photo gallery even though they were hanging on the walls. I have a feeling they were taken after the opening night party where a lot liquor flowed.

There was an equal number, if not more, of iPhone pictures, by local Bremen artists in Germany, not pictured here.

Here’s to Butow. He was such a cool guy.