David writes:

When I left New Jersey, I dug up my Iris bulbs and brought them here to plant in Oregon. 
After shooting them every which way, I decided to sit down with this Iris image and play with it in iColorama. The session lasted a few hours and then picked up again for another go round using other applications, resulting in many variations of still and moving images.
A million years ago, there was a set of Photoshop plug-ins called Kai’s Power Tools that amused me for hours on end. The lesson learned then and applied now, is it helps if you start with a really good image, in this case, a beautiful purple Iris. 
After that, it’s time and pure play.

I was talking to David on the phone and mentioned that I had seen a couple of these Iris images somewhere. He said he had a bunch of them, different pictures from the same source image. I suggested we do a gallery of them.

If you want to do a similar gallery of different images from the same source image, please let me know.