Venice Canals, Venice

Michele Reiner, née Singer, was a professional photographer twenty years ago in New York City. In the intervening years, she moved to Los Angeles, married husband Rob, raised three children, has been very active in promoting early childhood education and gay marriage rights. Like many mothers, as I wrote about in this piece, she has been able to tap back into the wellsprings of her creativity with her iPhone.

Michele has been a fan and supporter of the work on Pixels for a long time, owning several prints from She is an avid student of iphonic art, as well as photography, and, with Rob, recently took a tour of Hollywood to shoot and produce this gallery of landmarks. These pictures were also featured in the inaugural post on the Huffington Post for their new “best of Instagram” feature, although she did not use Instagram to app these photos. She offered to share them here, as well.

Enjoy this wonderful tour. Michele has done a beautiful job of capturing the romance, the mystery, the aesthetic allure, and the power of iconic Hollywood, our City Of Dreams.

Thank you for sharing, Michele!