Where do you live?
Danville or wherever my feet are at any given moment. 

What kind of art were you doing before the iPhone?
35 mm fine art photography.

Can you tell us what happened when you first started shooting pictures with your iPhone?
I loved being able to shoot and work an image immediately rather than having to go back to my computer, download from my camera to then begin tinkering with it.  Brought a whole new meaning to immediate gratification.  To think that’s what I thought when I first went from developing film and printing in the darkroom to digital manipulation on the computer. Wow. It was a door way into yet another new world of experiencing creativity.

Were you active on Flickr as iPhone usage exploded? Who were the first iPhoneographers/artists who caught your eye?
I ‘housed’ my images on Flickr in the early days, yes.  

Karen Divine caught my eye among so many. A guy named Jaime whose last name I forget. [Editor’s note: Jaime Ferreyros] He did these quirky beach scenes in Miami using an app that made everything look like it was shot with a toy camera but super saturated. He’s no longer with us sadly.  There were so many in that first few yrs whose images I was impressed with and compelled me to want to explore the world of Apping more.

What or who else inspires you? Painters? Photographers? Other plastic arts? Music? Literature?
Photographers that were my early inspirations? Imogen Cunningham, Ruth Bernard, Horst, Lillian Bassman, Helmut Newton, David Bailey, Robert Farber, Ellen Von Undwerth, Peter Lindbergh to name just a few…And there are hundreds of brilliant young photographers in Social Media whose works I can lose hours perusing.

Georgia O’keefe inspired me – not because I loved her art although I very much enjoyed it but just because she was who she was.  A woman that broke the rules and marched to her own drummer… But!  Frieda Kahlo! She will always stand as the Iconic rep of everything I’ve chased in my own life – Freedom Of Spirit – She was a rebel, a rule breaker, a trail blazer. She didn’t give a shit what people thot of her. She chased her crazy dreams and passions with an unquenchable appetite.  She was a hedonist, a romantic, a devil-may-care pansexual diva. She was a tortured soul, one that wanted to push the edges of her envelope, experience life turned u to full volume  I feel she didn’t allow social prescriptions to hem her in or dictate to her.  And her art was Wack, and twisted and depraved and just flat out cool.  She was an artist who truly inhabited herself, her Truth. She was the quintessential Artist. I’d like to think she was the down to earth kind, not the pretentious full-of-themselves-bought-their-on-hype kind …

I want to be her in my next life! (without that Gawd awful bus accident that had her in a body cast for a few yrs – but then maybe she wouldn’t have turned into the brilliant crazy artist she was if not for that) LOL!!!

Music?  OMG! I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  Music is Essential. It’s like water. I don’t know how I could live without it.  It informs every part of my life – it invites my creativity to flow, it  fires me up, calms me down, brings me joy, makes me cry.  Wherever I am, there is music.  And Dance..!! since I was a small child dance has always  been the place I can count on where I can loose myself and simultaneously find myself. It’s where i  have experienced the purest sensation of freedom, perhaps rapture. Well, outside of orgasm anyway….. And then there’s fragrances, and fashion, and flowers and dogs  and and and ..!  it’s all part of the continuum of ART – ALL of it inspires my own expressions  of BEAUTY, of creativity… 

What are your go-to apps?
Snapseed. Retouch, Ava photo, TiltshiftFocus,  Other Apps come and go but  really? Snapseed is my Go-to for yrs now.

If you had to choose three creatures, real or imaginary, to be your personal totem pole, what would they be? 

How many times have you fallen asleep with the phone in your hand while apping a picture?
Never. I cannot go to sleep until I feel complete with an image.

Cats or dogs?

Has there been any surprising impact on your life from the iPhone, something you didn’t expect? 
The iPhone!?  OH! hell ya! It’s allowed me to connect to a much broader life experience then I could dream.  It’s instant gratification on steroids! Can’t imagine how I lived without it now!

Do you have a mantra for daytime? For nighttime? For anytime?
Not for any particular time but it’s mostly … Carpe Diem! And…   I’m not here for a long time! I’m here for a GOOD time!

A last word perhaps?
In the words of the wise woman Helen Mirren (anther artist I adore!) Fuck off if you can’t take a joke! Cheers dears! (said with a British accent mind you… and a wicked grin!)

Thank you, Jody!

Below is a sampling of Jody’s wonderful and striking work.

I built a four galleries of almost one-hundred pictures of hers in March of 2017.