I posted three galleries of Leon’s work in December of 2013 and a sampling of them here.

Where do you live?
Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

What kind of art were you doing before the iPhone?
Mainly Black+White imagery using Film, loading and processing myself in my own darkrooms in the converted garden shed/bathroom/garage or whatever room was free. 

Can you tell us what happened when you first started shooting pictures with your iPhone?
A true sense of wonder once I had apped my first images using Snapseed and Hipstamatic, I couldn’t believe my eyes. First thought that popped in my head: my own personal darkroom in my pocket.

Were you active on Flickr as iPhone usage exploded? Who were the first iPhoneographers/artists who caught your eye?
I was in the beginning, but then they somehow lost my account so I gave up on Flickr pretty quickly afterwards. That’s when I discovered your site Knox, and my mind was completely blown by what I was seeing being posted there, still is. 

Cat Morris, Robin Robertis, Clint Cline, Gianluca Ricoveri, Andrew B White, Meg Greene Malvasi, Barbara Nebel, Eleni Gemeni, Rosalie Heller, Michel St-André, Richard Koci, David Ingraham, Paul Moore, Dominique Torrent, Jane Schultz, Meri Walker, Glenn Homann, Heide Hoffmann, Cathrine Schell Caddigan, Liliana Schwitter, Maureen Hanson, Andrea Koerner, Dariusz Klimczak, Clarisse Debout, Rad Drew, Dan Buckholder, Sean Hayes, Kaaren Malcolm, Kate Zari Roberts, Oola Cristina, Andrea Bigiarini, Lisa Peters.

All the above inspired or even helped me with learning, but the first 4 are my personal App heroes. 

What or who else inspires you? Painters? Photographers? Other plastic arts? Music? Literature?
Music music music, all types, across the board with artists, finding Discovery on Spotify a few years back was a revelation for new music, I usually app to music. 

Reading anything by William Gibson.

What are your go-to apps?
Snapseed, Mextures, Stackables for ‘normal’ images off the phone or camera. 

Assembly, RollWorld, Fragment, Matter, SKRWT, D3LTA, Glitché for my abstract work. 

If you had to choose three creatures, real or imaginary, to be your personal totem pole, what would they be?
Dolphin, Orca, Whale, have swam with 2 of them.

How many times have you fallen asleep with the phone in your hand while apping a picture?

Cats or dogs?

Has there been any surprising impact on your life from the iPhone, something you didn’t expect? 
Getting into Abstract work, had always been in my mind but couldn’t find an outlet, that and meeting Cat Morris on a trip to NYC a few years ago, this was a total buzz for me. 

Do you have a mantra for daytime? For nighttime? For anytime?
Always look around you after you’ve taken the shot, as there may be another shot there, many times I’ve looked around/above and seen another image.

A last word perhaps?
I work with these ‘rules’ in my photography.
Rule 1: There should be no rules.
Rule 2: Follow Rule 1 closely.

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