A reprint from the lamented iPhotographer, aka P1XELS, Magazine, fall of 2015.

Banksy’s Dismaland, a large-scale pop-up art installation on the coast of England, opened in August of 2015 for five weeks of global buzz, as #banksy reigned as the number one trending hashtag on Twitter for an unheard-of three days. For good reason: Banksy’s work, a smart and always well-crafted mix of politics, pop culture, and humor, resonates deeply with non-1% art-lovers around the world.

If Banksy has a philosophical and spiritual counterpart in the magical realm of music, it can only be the massively exploding hip-hop duo Run The Jewels.

Less than a year after releasing their sophomore album, Run the Jewels 2Run the Jewels has become one of music’s most celebrated and successful independent artists.

Comprised of indie hip-hop icons El-P & Killer MikeRun the Jewels has found a place in the hearts and minds of an ever-growing legion of fans around the world. And it’s all driven by the uncompromising ethos of the music they make – equal parts honesty, intensity, intelligence, hilarity and bombast.

Thus it was perfectly natural, almost pre-ordained, that Banksy should invite Run The Jewels to perform at Dismaland.

We are very happy and excited to share an exclusive gallery of images shot by Killer Mike himself (yes of course on an iPhone!) as he wandered around the grounds before showtime.