These images, part of Kirsten’s “Fabric of Love” series, are all DSLR images apped on an iOS device, are part of this Saturday’s gallery.

Kirsten writes:

“I’ve always been drawn to the role humanity plays on this planet; the positive and negative effects of how humans and nature atomically interconnect. My work is symbolic to this, which often prompts an audience to pause and think.

‘Fabric Of Love’ is a series focusing on my belief of what is the most important element that keeps our world alive: Love. The metaphorical fabric, seen in these portraits is ‘wedding veil tulle’ which I’ve added in post and is used throughout the series. Humanity and nature are forever wed. In the series to date, the tulle (the symbol of love and humanity), can be seen adorned by the antlers of a white tailed deer, flowing from the feet of winged creatures, or sheltering innocent souls in a meadow.

The ‘Fabric Of Love’ concept came to me during my research on the topic of ecopsychology. Regularly practising ecotherapy since 2009, I’ve come to realize that a positive bond, to the point of pure love between humanity and nature, is necessary for the survival of us all.”

~ Kirsten Fenton