Kirsten Fenton ~ Halo of Leaves

Kirsten Fenton ~ Halo of Leaves


Dearest P1xels Family,

In lieu of a {daily pic} feature on Saturday (I just realized I did one anyway!), I thought I would introduce a weekly gallery featuring images shot with what some call “real cameras” and apped on iOS devices. I have been thinking about the advancement of imaging technology, especially in terms of the vastly improved iPhone and mediated cameras, and where these advancements and cultural shifts would take us, how the lines might blur, what the confluence might look like, for years. I knew a day like this would come, wasn’t sure when or what form it would take, but here we are.

I’m presenting to you the first P1xels’ the gallery of such work. This hybrid strain has been falling through the cracks and the work is just too interesting and beautiful to ignore. If you are doing such work and want to be considered for the weekly gallery (or to be featured in iPhotographer Magazine), please email images to Be SURE to put “DSLR TO iOS” in the subject line. Hashtag these said images with #PhotogrAPPart on Instagram for a chance to be featured. P1xels remains devoted overwhelmingly to iphonic art and iphoneography. We believe this hybrid form, if you will, reflects a natural evolution as we have seen happen in art movements throughout history.

Yours Truly,


For our starter gallery, we have Kirsten Fenton, Danielle Patarazzi, Lisa Peters, and Allyson Marie. Thank you all for sharing your work. —Knox

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