As the royal carriage passes by, carrying the Queen.

As the royal carriage passes by, carrying the Queen.

Any regular visitor to P1xels knows that I don’t publish a lot of street photography, but I found this series by Paul Salmon irresistible for any number of reasons, I think the main one being the hats. Seriously, it’s so British, almost otherworldly, a distillation of distant time and place brought into the twenty-first century.

Paul writes:

My name is Paul Salmon, and have been a working photographer for many a year, working for magazines and newspaper in Europe & US.

I started shooting seriously with the iphone while in California about six years ago, after discovering Hipstamatic.

The images attached are from an annual event held here in the UK, where the Queen attends. It is an opportunity for the aristocracy to rub shoulders with the rest of the country, albeit with the dress restriction of Top Hats and Tails.

Best wishes,


Thank you, Paul!