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Rosanna Cappiello ~ What If I Would?

Rosanna Cappiello ~ What If I Would?


About a year ago, a British greeting card company contacted me. They wanted to do use some pictures off P1xels for cards. They would pay the artists. They asked me to pull some pictures for them. They gave me very little guidance. I spent three solid days going through the site, ultimately selecting about 550 for them to look at. After months of promises that they would look at them soon, they finally wrote and said they couldn’t find anything suitable for use.

Seriously, if a greeting card company can’t find one image out of the 550 I picked, that suggests to me two possibilities: 1) A massive failure of imagination on their part or 2) They never actually looked at the images.

But I feel it’s part of the job to pursue opportunities that arise for P1xels artists and me. Next time, I’ll tell them they have to pay me for my time. In advance.

So I was looking for some pictures to use for a story in the new digital magazine for iPad, iPhotographer, I’ve been working on day and night for four months now (the website is not the magazine: it’s just for promo). I asked two very well-known iphone photo website owners to do a piece on the history of Street Photography for our first issue, because that’s the theme. Both committed to doing the piece, and then both flaked completely, one after the other. Weird.

I was going through the folders for the card company, looking to see what was in there, thinking I would just maybe do a P1xels’ gallery of street photography to take the place of the missing one. And I stumbled on this folder of sexy shots that I thought might work for greeting cards, totally enjoyed scrolling through the folder, thought I’d post as a gallery so you could enjoy them too.

Now … I’ve still got to figure out what to do about the Street Photography article …