I went out to the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse with Natali Prosvetova and Ashley Callaghan yesterday. We have been doing a whirlwind tour of the wine country and the coast. They came to visit for our wonderful opening at the Markham Vineyards last Saturday. I’ll post another gallery for that.

Natali showed me an app she has been using: Provoke. I fell instantly in love with it. Love the bold blacks and whites. I took a bunch of amazing cow pictures as well … again, for another time. I didn’t really know what I was doing: the app has lots of settings and depth of control.

Natali and I were shooting everything with Provoke, so Ashley thought she would give it a try as well. After a while, she said,”Who is Glyn Evans?”

I said,”A blogger, why?”

She said,”His name is displayed when I open Provoke.”

I explained to her that Glyn was the original iphoneography blogger, his pioneering site broadcasting the message across the ether to the multitudes, etc. I was quite excited to realize that Glyn had been involved with the development of this very cool app.

I’m not going to do a tutorial, because, as Johnny Rotten said at the Sex Pistols’ last concert at Winterland,”Alright let’s make this one quick, because I am a lazy bah-stard!”

Anyway, I salute Glyn on his accomplishment with this app. I’m sure we will do an intensive review/overview in iPhotographer Magazine sometime.