photo 2-5

I noticed that Grace was shooting pictures of legs in New York City. I invited her to submit some pictures for a gallery on P1xels. She graciously consented and sent so many that I decided it best to only post one-half of them tonight and save the rest for tomorrow or the next day.

I asked her if she would share her thoughts about this wonderful series. She replied:

So this is about the beginning of a love affair with LEGS.

It seems like yesterday when I started taking photographs of LEGS. It was one day when I was out scouting around Soho NYC, I saw this girl wearing striped green and white knee highs with stilettos. I followed her for about 3 blocks and I decided to asked her to pose for me and she did, it was then when I felt in love photographing LEGS.
In my opinion, LEGS are the most beautiful and sensual part on a woman’s body and I love capturing them .

Now days, when I see a pair of beautiful legs I either ask or drop to the floor to photograph them.

Thank you, Grace! Be assured that this is street photography I heartily endorse.