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Kris Torma ~ Deer

Great write-up in the San Francisco Chronicle by Art and Music Feature Writer Kimberly Chun today.

Herewith an excerpt:

Call it what you like – iPhoneography, iPhonic art, Instagrams – but whatever you choose to dub the DIY explosion of images taken on one’s iPhone and then tweaked with any number of apps: The party, as weird, wonderful, and wildly varied as it is, is in full swing.

And it proved so challenging to nail down that when Knox Bronson, curator of the P1xels site for iPhone camera art, met with an attorney about trademarking his site’s name, the designer, Web developer and musician simply reached for the handiest analogy about the medium that came to mind.

“I told him, ‘You don’t understand where I am right now: It’s 1965, and I’ve told you I signed Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and Quicksilver Messenger Service, and because it’s not 1967 and they haven’t broken out, you don’t understand where I’m at right now,’ ” the 62-year-old Berkeley native explains over the phone from his Oakland home. “We’re just starting to emerge, and it takes time.”

Read the whole article: