Floating leaves and butts. Hey, I seen it win a contest. Urinals and toilets are edgy, too.

That’s right. Why fight the tide? I say. So … every First Friday of the month, we are going to have a big gallery of street photography and Hipstamatic shots. Hell, Instagram as well. All kinds of stuff you don’t see very often on Pixels. Pictures of people’s feet. Their backs. Lots of Hipstamatic shots of espressos  and I hope a lot of meaningful desaturated shots of mannequins and who knows what else … Weekly Prizes! Prints! Get your work in front of major curators from around the world.

We’ll call it the Bob Dobbolina Hipster Cantina … in honor of the old Negativland song, and Bono …

Details for entering after the jump.

It’s April 1st. I couldn’t resist.