Take part in the P1xels’ Indiegogo campaign, or Bebe gets it.

We just made it to the $4000 mark!

But this is no time to slack: we are heading into the final two weeks of the campaign.And we have $7000 to go to fully fund the new website. It is important for all of us: art lovers, artists, the iphonic art movement itself. I hate bragging (but I am learning that it works :) so I am going to quote an article written by my esteemed colleague, Marty Yawnick, who publishes the Life In LoFi iphoneography blog (which I consider to be the best tech and culture blog for the global movement.):

“Through the artistic passion and vision of Knox Bronson, P1xels has been a pioneering force in the short history of iPhoneography. Pixels At An Exhibition was the first curated online gallery of iPhoneography. A few months later, P1xels emerged from the virtual world and into the real on by hosting iPhoneography’s first brick and mortar gallery show at the Giorgi Gallery in Oakland.

Without P1xels, all of these things would have eventually happened in iPhoneography, but I truly believe that the art would not be the same without its early involvement. There would have been a first brick and mortar iPhoneography show sometime, but combined with Knox’s detailed and particular curation, the brick and mortar shows which introduced the art form to the general public got off to an excellent start. From the beginning, Knox set very high standards for P1xels artists. I think without his vision, iPhoneography would be very different today.”

Marty is too generous in his praise, but I am truly grateful for such kind remarks. You can read his whole article here.

We need your contributions, whether monetary or in the form of sharing and promotion. Even just going to the campaign’s Indiegogo page and leaving a comment helps build ranking with Indiegogo. Please take a moment to do so.

Just a quick note to thank everybody who has made a contribution to our Indiegogo campaign for a new P1xels Website. I am so grateful for your support. Please tell your friends about the campaign. The link is http://indiegogo.com/P1xels … share it freely, like we shared the love in the sixties!

And a public thank you to these generous fans of the site and of the iPhonic art movement. In order received, these past couple days:

  • Rhonda Forsberg
  • Baron Wolman
  • Nico Brons
  • Terin Christensen
  • Louis Mattarelli
  • Sara McCracken
  • Fiona Christian
  • Pierre Hauser
  • Christine Finkelson
  • Melissa Harrison
  • Don Peach (whose donation brought us to exactly $4000! Thank you , Don!)