I’ve always enjoyed Alon’s super-saturated southern California street photography. He really captures the ecstatic, technicolor energy of life on the edge of the continent. I posted three galleries of his work in August of 2017, be sure to take a look! Here is an interview, along with a sampling of his work below.

Where do you live?
Los Angeles

What kind of art were you doing before the iPhone?

Can you tell us what happened when you first started shooting pictures with your iPhone?
I turned into a visual person. As someone who makes a living writing, this was a most unexpected revelation.

Were you active on Flickr as iPhone usage exploded? Who were the first iPhoneographers/artists who caught your eye?
I joined Flickr a couple of years into my iPhoneography journey. I never got into it in any meaningful way. It simply sucked money out of my bank account for way too long and yielded no return.

Regarding the first iPhoneographers that caught my eye, hmmm let me try this stream-of-consciousness style: Roger Guetta, Karen Divine, Dale Yudelman, Lee Atwell, Armineh Hovanesian, Jeff Burgess, Gianluca Ricoveri, Simone Muresu, Andrea Bigiarini, Knox Bronson, Bob Weil, Cindy Patrick, Susan Tuttle, Caroline Hall, Rad Drew, Christine Mignon, David Ingraham, Koci, Liz Traynor, Luigi Puddu, Jen Pollak Bianco, Meri Walker, Cara Gallardo Weil, Paul Moore, Max Berkowitz, Anthony Ginns, Clay Benskin, Susan Rennie, and so many more.

What or who else inspires you? Painters? Photographers? Other plastic arts? Music? Literature?
I’ve been recently inspired by Aline Smithson, a fabulous photographer and teacher of a photography workshop I recently attended. She turned some of my focus away from reactive imagemaking to deliberate project-based photography. I’m so excited about where things are going and can’t wait to execute and reveal the results.

What are your go-to apps?
Big Photo

And then there are Facebook and Instagram, necessary evils that I dislike intensely. 

If you had to choose three creatures, real or imaginary, to be your personal totem pole, what would they be?
Another dog
One more dog

How many times have you fallen asleep with the phone in your hand while apping a picture?

Cats or dogs?

Beatles, Stones, or Dylan?
All three plus Hendrix and a few others.

Has there been any surprising impact on your life from the iPhone, something you didn’t expect? 
How much time do you have?

Do you have a mantra for daytime? For nighttime? For anytime?
Don’t panic

Did I forget to ask a question you would like to answer? Please ask it and then answer!
Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome?
Hell yeah!

A last word perhaps?
Why not me?

Thank you, Alon.

And herewith a sampling of Alon’s vibrant work. Be sure to check out the rest of his galleries in August of 2017!