Meg & friend.

Where do you live?
North Carolina.

What kind of art were you doing before the iPhone?
I was struggling along with my DSLR and also working with collage and some mixed media.

Can you tell us what happened when you first started shooting pictures with your iPhone?
It felt like doors and windows had been kicked wide open with fresh air–and inspiration–pouring in. I realized that I held in my hands a tool that could completely change my photography. And it did.

Were you active on Flickr as iPhone usage exploded? Who were the first iPhoneographers/artists who caught your eye?
Not so much–I was pretty hesitant about putting my work out there in the beginning–I just looked at a lot of people’s work. Among the first iPhoneographers I saw that I really was inspired by included Karen Divine, Meri Walker, Clint Cline, Leon Williams, Barbara duBois, Patricia Leeds. There was so much great stuff out there-it was like a creative well getting filled continuously and also recognizing that the possibilities were limitless.

What or who else inspires you? Painters? Photographers? Other plastic arts? Music? Literature?
Inspiration comes from all of those different places–though I probably look more at painters than photographers, which is kind of weird I guess. For my dog images, Wegman has been a big influence and starting point. I look at a lot of Children’s illustrators work too –Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Beatrix Potter are a few that come to mind. And I love using words and images together-one of the best 30 photo-a-day projects I did was using with Emily Dickinson’s poems and my iPhoneography. 

What are your go-to apps?
Snapseed, iColorama, Leonardo and Stackables.

If you had to choose three creatures, real or imaginary, to be your personal totem pole, what would they be?
Dog. Horse. Hare.

How many times have you fallen asleep with the phone in your hand while apping a picture?
A handful–usually a dog paw wakes me up.

Cats or dogs?
That would be *Woof* x 3.

Has there been any surprising impact on your life from the iPhone, something you didn’t expect? 
The impact has been far-reaching in ways I could have never anticipated. Becoming part of a community and a generous one at that, in terms of talking and sharing about the creative process,  the opportunity to exhibit, particularly with the dog photographs. One of the biggest recently was having an iPhone portrait of one of the dogs picked as one of 25 local billboards for a year. All good stuff.


Do you have a mantra for daytime? For nighttime? For anytime?
Nothing is Ordinary. And oh yes, Dogs Rule.

A last word perhaps?
Many thanks Knox, for all that you do.

Meg, you are welcome, but I’d like to thank you (and all the artists) for sharing your work on Pixels.

I posted a couple galleries of Meg’s in October 2013. Here is a sampling of her incredible work.

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