I got an email from Dan Marcolina today. He was in town for, among other things, a book signing at the Apple Store in SF for his new book, iPhone Obsessed. Unfortunately, the keyword here is “was.” I’m feeling left out! I missed the event, didn’t get to see Dan, who had works in both the Giorgi show and the Oakbook show last year. I am a big fan of his work.

I will be doing a full review of iPhone Obsessed, as soon as I get a copy. I’ve been looking at the siteI recommend you check it out—where you can learn much about it, as well as order it. It looks fantastic. Dan is an Adobe Master and is a true artist. I am going to go out on a limb and, based on the site, the video, and what I know about Dan and his fine work, and declare that this is the first great book about working with the tools on the iPhone that make iphonography a truly new art medium.

From the book’s website:

Last Dive ©2010 Dan Marcolina

Artful Imagery,
Beautifully Designed
Obsessed with the instant gratification achievable with his iPhone, designer/photographer Dan Marcolina dedicated an entire year to performing a series of mobile image experiments. The amazing results, as well as the many insights on how they were achieved, can be found in this gorgeous, four-color iPhone photography guide. Without ever leaving your iPhone, learn how to create artistic photographic effects such as blurs and vignettes, high dynamic range, traditional film effects, black and white, and more, using just the right combination of over 45 low-cost iPhone apps covered in this book.

And, the video …

Congratulations, Dan! I look forward both to studying your book and to seeing more of your work soon!