Well, you know where we stand.

Here is an article from CNN Australia from earlier this year.

Across the imaging community, a different type of photographer is emerging — the iPhoneographer. With all but the most rudimentary phones coming equipped with a camera these days, even a casual observer can become a voyeur of the everyday, a veritable Henri Cartier-Bresson in their own right.

A photographer is no longer defined by the tools they use or the method by which they shoot — instead, it all comes down to the image. The move towards lo-fi photography is something that has slowly been gaining momentum for many years, and though it still remains a somewhat niche area of interest, the proliferation of lomography cameras as well as renewed interest in Polaroid has whetted many an appetite for a tool that is easy to use and instant. Enter the iPhone. (Read more)

melonsWhat we like at iPhontography are the limitations of the iPhone camera: no flash, no zoom, lousy resolution, and so on. You have to pay attention: you have to frame your pictures carefully. Then you must work the images carefully. It is easy to get carried away with effects, but effects must be in service to the image.

And of course we love the global scope of iPhontography. Some beautiful work out there.