We want to remind all of you that the iPM Cover Contest is still happening. Win $500 and get your picture on the cover of iPhotographer Magazine, plus a feature in the magazine. Runner-up prizes very cool as well: 2nd Place: Your picture hand-painted on canvas by the artists at Pixeli.st; 3rd Place: A signed copy of David Leibowitz’s stunning book Mobile Digital Art; 24 runner-ups will get their work featured in a gallery in the July issue of the magazine.

Submission fee is ONLY SIX DOLLARS!!!

Go to http://iphotographer-magazine.com for more information and join the fun!

While I’m at it, let me remind you that the FREE PREVIEW ISSUE OF IPM FOR IPAD AND IPHONE IS AVAILABLE ON THE APPLE NEWSSTAND. Download it today!

Okay, that’s enough promo work for one night, back to posting your pictures.

00-Preview-Issue-Cover SAMPLE

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