“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” —Jean Cocteau

That makes it pretty clear, doesn’t it?

Okay, the judges are judging the beach/water images for the July issue of iPhotographer Magazine, as I write this! I do not envy their task.

So I am unofficially announcing the next Cover Contest for iPM: Fashion, as in all things personally fabulous, stylish, glamorous, unique, cool, hot, and, dare I say it, awesome, or alternatively, epic!

Time to dress up people: your friends/children/lovers/pets or YOURSELF and take some pictures! We will get to your stylish bedroom another day!

And one last thing:

This time we are going stipulate that images should be in portrait mode. They don’t have to be, but remember, we are using the winner on the cover. If a square or landscape image can be cropped well for portrait alignment, fine. We strongly suggest keeping this in mind as you assemble or shoot your entries.

Contest starts tomorrow.