Alright kids, the fourth issue is out and it is absolutely amazing.

Starting with the beautiful cover by the one-and-only Sara Tune, we proceed on through this huge issue with the following:

  • Editor’s Note
  • Our Cover Contest Winners
  • An exclusive pictorial essay of Banksy’s Dismaland by Killer Mike – of the hottest hip-hop act in the country, Run The Jewels!
  • The Pictorial History of iPhoneography, The Early Years 2009-2010 by kb
  • An interview with Glyn Evans of
  • Our Featured artists and their interviews & galleries: Bico Stupakoff, Kirsten Fenton, Alex Visage, Roger Guetta
  • P1xels fashion gallery, curated by Lisa Peters
  • Instagramers with Lanie Heller: Chemiko, Margherita Maniscalco, Mimi Mago, Simona Bertolotto, David Booker
  • Metropolis with Natali Prosvetova: London with Veevs Hanson, Fiona Christian, & Richard Gray
  • Tutorials from Elaina WilcoxTouch/Retouch and Ashley Callaghanadvanced processing
  • Hipstamatic Hot Tips by Egmont van Dyck  & Connie Rosenthal
  • Appstrology with Elodie Hunting: Libra/Scorpio
  • Egmont van Dyck’s column & new Hipstamatic preview
  • And, of course, the adventures of our man in London, The Secret Smartographer

So you can see that this issue is loaded with fantastic content. No less than eighteen galleries, as well as interviews and all the other great stuff that makes iPM iPM.

iPhotographer Magazine: The Connection. The Focus. Your life through the lens of an iPhone.

Only $3.99 or $19.99 for a six-issue subscription. And don’t forget there are two free download issues on the Newsstand as well.

Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow) Just Blaze Remix