Newsstand Load-In Screen

Apple Newsstand iPad Load-In Screen

Well, just four months after I thought we would be launching the magazine, seven months after we began, we have finally uploaded the preview issue of iPhotographer and it is officially in the queue awaiting approval from the Lords of the Instrumentality*, I mean, the Apple approval committee, or the approval bot, or whatever it is. If all goes well, it will be available for free on the Newsstand in a week.

It’s somewhere between a third and a half the size of a regular issue of the magazine. I think everyone will be properly amazed and delighted: thanks to the combined talent of the staff, we’ve created something very fresh and fun, while still being informative and full of useful articles.

This issue, along with the three regular issues are going into production almost immediately, owes a tremendous debt to a number of talented and hard-working people who worked to create the content and put it together. I will thank them properly when I have permission to publish the actual cover (the one you’ve seen on Facebook is not quite right) here on P1xels.

This is from the description of the magazine on the Newsstand:

iPhotographer Magazine is a multi-media and fully interactive publication: beautiful regional and city galleries from around the world, video interviews, audio to delight and educate, detailed tutorials, gear reviews, an advice column, the best of Instagram galleries in every issue. Add to this the always amazing art selection and curation, along with informative articles, at times off-beat and funny, always geared to enriching your life as both a maker and lover of great pictures, and you have the most exciting photography, art, and lifestyle magazine on the planet!

*A reference to the writings of Cordwainer Smith, the greatest science fiction writer of all time. Recommended without qualification.