Every second of every day, twenty-two thousand images are uploaded to social networks around the world, almost two billion images per day.

We are collectively embedded in this aethereal, cultural, emotional, spiritual, rhapsodic maelstrom of existence around the clock.

We record and share with the world the minutes and seconds and days of our lives. The very nature of reality as collected in an ocean of images, ephemeral, simultaneously fleeting and eternal.

Most importantly, we share beauty! Beauty in all its forms.

Photography. Art. Fashion. Music. Culture. People. Pets. Technology. Video. Film. Nature. Cities. Food. Sports. Cars. The sea. Clouds. Hopes and dreams, captured, apped, and shared with the iPhone. The connection is made. iPhotographer Magazine is there.

The shooting of images with a phone and the sharing of them has become integral to everyday life throughout the modern world.

“What’s most interesting to me about the future of technology? Reimagining every human behavior and every human experience through the lens of a mobile device.”—Megan Quinn in MIT’s The Tech.

“Instagram has created a platform built on emotion. It created not a social network, but instead built a beautiful social platform of shared experiences.”—Om Malik, Giga Om

iPhotographer Magazine is a lifestyle magazine positioned to be the locus of this unprecedented global phenomenon and will be to this community what Rolling Stone Magazine was to youth culture in its heyday.

Every issue is packed with people: everyday people, artists, writers, designers, photographers, musicians, and their beautiful art, galleries. Informative and sometimes offbeat articles. Interviews. Video. Audio. Humor. Combined social media reach of contributors, artists, interviewees, etc., is over one million per issue.

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