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Announcing the next Cover Contest for iPM: Fashion, as in all things personally fabulous, stylish, glamorous, unique, cool, hot, and, dare I say it, awesome, or alternatively, epic!

Time to dress up people: your friends/children/lovers/pets or YOURSELF and take some pictures! We will get to your stylish bedroom another day!

And one last thing:

This time we are going stipulate that images should be in portrait mode. They don’t have to be, but remember, we are using the winner on the cover. If a square or landscape image can be cropped well for portrait alignment, fine. We strongly suggest keeping this in mind as you assemble or shoot your entries.

Submission cost is five pictures for ten dollars.

Submission period opens June 24, 2015 and runs to August 15.

First Place Prize is $500, plus cover of the issue with mini-feature on you.

Second Place Prize is a hand-painted painting on canvas of your winning entry, approx. 18″x24″ from

“Dress my friends up just for show/See them as they really are.” —David Bowie, Andy Warhol

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