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After many months of development work, I am very happy to say that I looked through our first issue of the new iPhotographer Magazine on my iPad today. We have built a proprietary system using the open-source Baker framework, which enables us to build the issue in pure HTML5, a fully responsive app which will run on iPad, iPhone, actually any HTML5 compliant device, as well as web-browsers at the point we wish to offer a web-based subscription.

It’s been a long road, seven months in development. There is no commercial platform that offers this kind of flexibility and responsive output.

The Preview Issue will be a full issue, themed Street Photography. Included will be, in no particular order:

  • Interviews with the godfather of iPhone street photography, Sion Fullana, enfant terrible Paul Toussaint, and others.
  • iPhone abusers Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos, stars of screens big and small
  • Appstrology by Elodie Hunting
  • An amazing collection of Instagram street photography curated by Lanie Heller
  • Tutorials from Elaina Wilcox
  • Natali Prosveta’s Metropolis. This issue: Moscow by Natali herself.
  • The Egmont van Dyck Himself column.
  • PrintWorks – Fine Art Printing
  • Of course, The Secret Smartographer!
  • And much much more!

The next time I post, very shortly I am sure, I will be including a link to the Apple Newsstand where you can download the issue to your iPad or your iPhone for FREE!

And I will be announcing the first iPM Cover Contest as well. That’s the five-image-submission-for-five-dollars contest, with a first prize of $500, placement on the cover of the magazine, of course, six times a year, to start. I can’t wait! I think the first theme will be animals, but don’t hold me to that.

Cover photo for this free Preview Issue by featured artist Paul Toussaint.