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Here’s the press release we are sending out:

Fifty years after beginning his career as a photographer and publisher, Baron Wolman, of Rolling Stone fame, has joined forces with Editor Knox Bronson of Pixels At An Exhibition, to assemble a stellar crew of writers, editors, curators, artists, and photographers to produce the first ever original, informative, digital bi-monthly publication for iOS, iPhotographer Magazine.  “Just as nothing like Rolling Stone existed for music fans when we started that publication, nothing like iPhotographer Magazine currently exists for iPhotography fans,” claims Wolman.

“Our intent with iPhotographer is to create a digital lens focused on the vibrant and exciting world of mobile photography in a beautiful, fully-interactive, multi-media publication for both the iPad and iPhone.

“I joined forces with editor Knox Bronson to give life to iPhotographer because I’m a professional photographer who is captivated by the infinite photographic possibilities of a device that was originally developed as a mobile phone.  I’m a huge fan of iPhotos and see clearly that we’re on the edge of another digital revolution where the iPhone and the iPad have begun to supplant traditional DSLR cameras in unexpected ways and with unimagined image quality.”

iPhotographer Magazine for iPad and iPhone is available now on the Apple Newsstand with a Free Preview Issue with an option for in-app purchase of reasonably priced one-year subscriptions.

The Free Preview Issue of iPhotographer includes the first installments of uniquely original features unlike anything else found in the photographic magazine format, mobile or otherwise:  The Secret Smartographer, Appstrology, Mike Sweeney’s Playground, iFunatics (this issue Debi Mazar and hubby Gabriele Corcos), an expansive video section featuring Neill Barham, developer of the amazing FilmicPro app, and a host of other fascinating works exclusive to the magazine.

Find iPhotographer Magazine here: http://bit.ly/iPM_PreviewIssue  Check it out …!!!

iPhotographer is also initiating a Cover Photo Contest. First place prize is $500!  The winning image will become the cover of a future issue of the magazine. Information about the first contest can be found at http://iphotographer-magazine.com.”

iPM Publisher Baron Wolman

iPM Publisher Baron Wolman