The Giorgi Gallery, birthplace of the iphonic art movement, is under new management and is now the Garden Gate Creativity Center. This old shot is from the first P1xels’ show. Will we discuss LoFi in the class? Hmmmm …. :).

I recently met with Diana Rowan who, along with her friend Rebecca, has taken over the running of the Giorgi Gallery. It is now going to be known as the Garden Gate Creativity Center, with all kinds of wonderful shows, concerts, exhibits, classes, etc.

They asked me if I would teach an iphoneography class. I said yes. We are starting with an introductory course of three classes, two hours each, commencing on Thursday, September 6 at the gallery at 7 p.m.

I’ve long been considering doing some classes, but I didn’t have a space. Now I have the perfect space.

This is the birthplace of the iphonic art movement. The announcement of the first juried gallery show here almost three years ago was the demarcation point, the stake which put the first fork in the road from the street artists who controlled the discussion on Flickr, and the claiming of territory for all the iphonic artists who were working the medium as a new medium, not simply an extension of traditional photography. It’s a beautiful space, right underneath the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley at the top of Claremont Avenue, just past Ashby Ave.

And I, of course, am Knox Bronson, at your service, curator for P1xels and everybody else! We will have a great time exploring the fundamentals of making images and art with the iPhone. We will be shortly offering intermediate and advanced courses as well.

For details, write me. Class size is limited!