In two weeks, I will need to pay $300 for the year’s hosting of this website. That figure doesn’t include the monthly fee I pay to Amazon for storing hundreds of thousands of images in the Amazon S3 Cloud. That amount changes from month to month, depending on site usage. Every picture that has ever come into Pixels is there, whether or not I published it! Interesting fact for the day.

In any case, I’m passing the hat. Any conveyance of financial energy my way will greatly appreciated!

I thank you in advance.

For a donation of $50* or more, you will receive an 11″x14″ (image area 10″x13″) limited edition and signed (by me) print on archival paper.

*The original amount was a $100 contribution for a print, but I thought maybe that was too high of threshold.

Imagine this wonderful image on your wall!