Jack Hollingsworth, photographer and hardware editor for iPhotographer Magazine (coming soon!), sent me some information about a three-day workshop he is offering. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great guy to hang around with. At $395, I think this is a great deal.

I’m going to let him say the rest and stick in a gallery of his own Cape Cod pictures – his first ever on P1xels, now that I think about it. Welcome to P1xels, Jack!

In his own words:

Does anyone here have an interest in participating in a July 25-28, weekend workshop on Cape Cod.

i know it’s sort of late to be thinking about this.
But i do remember a half dozen people, months ago, telling me they could be interested.

So i’m using the long tweet to gauge interest and go from there.

I was born and raised on Cape Cod
And know it intimately-every crack and corner

I can’t tell you how many of thousands of photographic hours i have invested
in capturing the faces, places and spaces of this picturesque destination.

This shooting experience would be designed more for intermediate and advanced mobile

It would be three full days of shooting-from sunrise to sunset each day.

If you’ve never participated in any sort of immersive workshop like this..it will be quite a ride.
I promise that it will be near impossible for you not to return a better mobile photographer.

I have no intention of teaching you a string of tired and trite recipes or formulas.
My plan here is to get you to think, feel and see like a photographer. Period!

The sun rises, in July on the cape, around 5.00am and sets at 8.00pm
So we’ll have lots and lots of time to cover picturesque subjects.

From the Cape Cod canal to the tip of Provincetown.

This will be the sort of workshop that you’re NOT coming for the food or accommodations.
But are coming to learn photography tips, techniques and best practices for shooting mobile.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably shoot alot of photos over workshop.
So come prepared with plenty of space on your phone.

Or perhaps even think about bringing an auxillary Hard Drive with you to download to.

We will have WIFI almost everywhere we are traveling to.
But Cape Cod WIFI is not the best and is spotty-so come prepared.

If it rains, we’ll grab umbrellas and shoot in the rain (yes, bring a light rain jacket just in case)
Or we’ll gather inside to discuss all things mobile photography.

For each location we’ll be shooting at, upon arrival, i will give a short 15 minute talk
About how i would approach this subject/location photographically.

The you’ll have plenty of time to shoot that subject/location..on your own.

Think about this workshop like this. For 3 days you will have complete and unconditional access to me:) Plus, i’m going to handpick my favorite locations, based on 30 years of shooting here.

And, best of all, bring you to these spots during optimum light.

You’ll be absolutely blown away with what you you’ll come back with!!!

Anyone that follows me on Twitter (@photojack) or Instagram (@instagram) knows that i’m a career veteran in photography. And also knows that my teaching mantra is and will continue to be “expose and compose”!

I do love photo apps. And we’ll have plenty of time to experiment with a handful of my favorites during out time together.

But make no mistake, this is NOT a workshop about apping and post-processing.

This is a mobile workshop dedicated to core fundamentals and essentials for learning to shoot mobile photography like a pro…

• exposure
• metering
• color
• composition
• white balance
• attachment/conversion lenses
• gear and accessories
• workflow
• Instagram
• portraiture, landscape, macro, scenic, travel, fine art, street/urban…… photography

We’ll be addressing , head on, the 5 most common mistakes among mobile photographers
and what to do about each.

• over-exposing
• over-sharpening
• over-saturating
• over-apping
• over-sharing

I believe, with all my heart that you’ll learn best by seeing and doing (not sitting in a classroom).

I plan on sharing everything i know about mobile Photography-to the very best of my ability.
No secrets. No holding back. No back peddling. I’ll give it to you like i see it.

So you can hold the torch up high for others to see and follow.

Cape Cod, in July, is busy. And hotel rooms (especially the cheaper ones) are scarce.
If you are thinking about this workshop, then i would make a decision within the week.

Then get busy making your hotel reservation (i can help you with this)

I shoot exclusively with an iPhone 5. And strongly suggest you upgrade to a 5 (or 5s:)) before coming.

Per my last post, i can only take 10 persons
But will need a minimum of 5 persons to make this happen.

I’m already spinning with what we’re going to do and cover.

If you’re looking for a mobile workshop that changes “everything” for you…
this is it!!

Feel free to ask questions.

Jack Hollingsworth
@photojack (Twitter)
@jackhollingsworth (Instagram)