Aik Beng Chia

Right after the selection process for the OakBook show came to an end, some new and amazing iphoneographers appeared on the scene almost simultaneously. I shouldn’t say they appeared. I should say, they started submitting their magical pictures to Pixels At An Exhibition.

One of them was Ramona Gillentine, who was last months Featured Artist. We would like to thank her for generosity in sharing with us the beauty and the stillness and the charged silence with which her striking images are imbued. Thank you, Ramona.

Aik Beng Chia’s pictures immediately caught our eye. It didn’t matter what Aik Beng shot, his pictures did what they were supposed to do across a range of styles and subject matter. Always tasteful, impeccably framed and processed (or not), with wonderful titles, his pictures are a never ceasing source of happiness and inspiration. We love how he follows his muse wherever she takes him creatively. His work ethic is most evident in all his work. He never rests on his laurels or repeats himself, and his prodigious output of high-quality images unmatched in our experience. We thank Aik Beng for agreeing to be Featured Artist this month.

Here he is in his own words:

My name is Aik Beng Chia aka Pixelmunky, I’m a freelance designer, an illustrator and an iPhoneographer from SIngapore. Married to a beautiful wife and a proud father of 2 kids.
During my free time i like to illustrate and some of my illustration can be found at and of course my iphoneography at

When i got my iPhone in 2007, i stumbled upon an iPhone photography site: ‘Just What I See, The iPhone Street Photography Of Greg Schmigel’. It got me interested in iPhoneography right away, and I’ve been using my iPhone to capture images for 3+ years now and most recently street photography. When i got my first iPhone, the only app i had was Toy Camera. Subsequently, I got Best Camera. Now I’m constantly on the lookout for new apps. Currently my favorites  are Cross Process, Plastiq Camera, Best Camers, myFilm, polomoid and Hipstamatic. Most of my black and white photos are post-processed using Plastiq Camera. As for the rest, i experiment by mixing and matching during post-processing.

iPhoneography to me is an art by itself, every images i captured are about randomness, spontaneity and different perspective at an instant and post process in an iphone. i learned to take pictures without people noticing, which works very well especially when i’m shooting street photography because i don’t look like a pro. It’s the convenience of having it with me and uploading it to my Flickr or my group ‘World Through My i’ in Facebook wherever i go.

I am inspired by the community of other iPhonegraphers that’s growing rapidly. Not to mention the movie In ‘The Mood For Love’ directed by Wong Kar-wai. I love the cinematography and subconsciously i tend to inject it into my photography. Presently i’m experimenting with pixel art or my illustration with iphoneography, i hope it will turn into a new look and feel.