Knox Bronson - Golden Slumbers Fill Your Eyes

Knox Bronson – Golden Slumbers Fill Your Eyes//Smiles Await You When You Rise

I was walking through the Powell Street BART station on my way to Macworld where I was scheduled to give my presentation, The Secret & True History of iPhoneography, when I walked into this tableau. Naturally, a picture was in order. Luckily, there weren’t too many people walking through the station, so I was able to snap off a few shots.

A man with an expensive camera and a big lens (perhaps some kind of compensating going on?) came walking down the tunnel as I shot. He was glaring at me as he passed by.  Glaring. If looks could kill kind of glaring. My first thought was that he disapproved of me taking pictures of the wino.

Later, it occurred to me that perhaps he was glaring at me because I was shooting with an iPhone.

But we’ll never know, will we?

I’ll be posting a video of my talk soon.


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