Originally published April 17, 2011.

I originally posted this image, apped completely differently, back in July, 2010. It was oversaturated and blurred using Tilt-Shift. I never really liked it. Was thinking about it yesterday, thought I would try something different, but I was not sure what. Emailed the raw image to myself and have been working on if off and on since then, trying different things, doing a lot of EffectTouch stuff to no avail. Finally hit on doing it in black-and-white. So here is the result.
I put it into PicGrunger and I also did two separate blurs in BlurFX and then I layered all four together in DXP, trying different combinations and layer effects.
If any of you have an old image that you would like to re-app, knowing what you know now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to see it.

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Roughly translated, Mondaine les Arnaqueurs means World of the Street Hustlers.

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