For the record, I was hired to be the roaming photographer for the “Extraordinary Women In Tech” conference in San Francisco for today and tomorrow. I was supposed to use the DSLR, but I soon figured out I got better pictures from my iPhone 11 ProMax. Duh!

But I kept wearing the camera so people would know I was an “official” working photographer at the event. It has been a very successful conference, hundreds of women from all over, great energy, etc.

I was taking a lot of pictures at the “selfie wall” ~ I would take pictures of the women with their phones and then take some with my phone to be used on social media, etc., by AvenueCode, the company that organized the event.

One woman asked me if I was working and if I was getting paid to do this. I said, “No, I just noticed all these women and thought I would wander over and pretend to be the photographer.”

As far as work goes, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

P.S. Thanks to Barbara duBois for the gift of the bee shirt! I truly love it.