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The international iPhoneography Group
Lens As Palette

Colorado Photographic Art Center
Belmar Block 7 • 445 South Saulsbury Street, Lakewood, CO 80226 • 303.837.1341
Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 12-5:30p

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd, 2013  6-9 pm
Closing Reception: June 14th, 6-9pm.
Show Dates: May 3rd – June 14th.

Participating Artists:

  • James Clarke – Boulder, CO
  • Clint Cline – Plant City, FL
  • Shirley Drevich – Miami, FL
  • Roger Guetta – Montreal, Quebec
  • Cindy Patrick – Moorestown, NJ
  • Rudy Vogel – Springfield, MA.

Artist Presentation:  Saturday, May 4th from 2pm – 4pm. James Clarke, Shirley Drevich and Clint Cline will discuss their work, how and why they chose iPhoneography, what apps are in their “camera bag” and how to get started in iPhoneography.

Introduction to iPhonography:  James Clarke will offer his popular 4-hour class on the basics of iPhoneography, what apps are best, and tips, tricks and secrets of apping your images. Contact CPAC for time, date and fee information.

Coupled with mobile software applications, many artists, through the use of their smart phones, are smashing the boundaries of static image creation, popularized by the best-known of these multitudinous applications – Instagram. Yet, of these many, there are but a few artists that are pushing the limits that these new technologies have to offer. They are creating painterly images – not simply with the push of a button and a tap on a small screen, but through the time-consuming process of applying their application knowledge and expert techniques, boundless creativity and a unique vision.

The international iPhoneography Group (TiiG) was established in 2012 as a collective of Artists dedicated to the creation of mobile-photographic-based digital imagery using iOS technologies as their “palette” of choice.
The six Artists who comprise the founding members of TiiG were chosen for their dedication to not simply  mastering, but pushing the boundaries of existing Mobile Phone image-capturing and altering capabilities. Their work exemplifies the range of possibilities and artistic expression that is now available to anyone with an iPhone.
The images presented by this diverse group of individuals share a common bond to the technology provided by the forward-thinking folks at Apple®. TiiG members’ work differs from other current digital photographic imagery in that no computers or standard computer-based software (such as Photoshop) was used in its creation. The images exhibited are all created on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) with applications currently available.

James Clarke ~ The Philadelphia Experiment

James Clarke ~ The Philadelphia Experiment

James Clarke received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin and went on to be a successful glass artist for over 25 years. Retired from the glass business, Clarke exchanged his blow pipes for an iPhone and quickly achieved accolades from the iPhoneographic and photography communities. His iPhoneography has been included in several photographic competitions including iWorld at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center; the 1st annual iPhoneography Miami 2012 Show; Mobile P1xels – The Art of the iPhone 2012 at the Los Angeles Center for the Digital Arts; Diverging Mediums: Photography vs. iPhoneography at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA May 2012; The Third Wave at the Garden Gate Creativity Center in Berkeley, CA and at the OutOfMyMind Gallery in Bremen, Germany.  A tutorial of James Clarke’s “A Boy with his Head in the Clouds”image was included in the E-Book “Mobile Masters” by iPhoneographer/Photographer/Author – Dan Marcolina.  Mr. Clarke currently teaches iPhoneography at both the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and Boulder Valley School’s Lifelong Learning program.
“Taking pictures with a mobile device is more about collecting raw material. The capacity to add, subtract, combine, slice, dice, and manipulate said raw material with Mobile Applications is utterly astounding. It really gives you a sense of freedom that you don’t get,  somehow,  sitting at your computer.”

Clint Cline - Dr. Reginald made them think

Clint Cline – Dr. Reginald made them think

Clint Cline is a writer, designer and self-proclaimed “shooter” for a marketing and advertising firm with locations in Florida and Washington DC., Mr. Cline’s experience in photography began while working as a reporter, but in his words: “only to populate my own stories with photographs”. It was that early exercise that introduced him to the joy of amplifying words with images. During his career as an advertising art director and writer, he shot a little but relied mainly on professional photographers from whom he learned the techniques of visual storytelling. Today he shoots primarily with the iPhone, a device which has managed to bridge his love of photography with his love of creating art. One of the most respected members of the iPhoneography community, Mr. Cline’s work has been included in a variety of exhibitions including the first annual Mobile Photo Awards in 2011; Mobile P1xels – The Art of the iPhone 2012, at the Los Angeles Center for the Digital Arts; the first annual Mobile Art Festival in Santa Monica, California, as well as numerous other national and international exhibitions.

“Digital photography has spawned a tremendous democratization of visual expression and – despite the claptrap that inevitably arises – we are all better for it. In the Proverbs it says ‘as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another’ …. likewise the explosive evolution in digital photography – and now iPhoneography – is challenging and pushing and elevating a larger discussion on the power, use, and expression of visual communication. I am sharpened every day to see the abundance of talent, some directed, some still making its way, that finds expression through the iPhone and mobile digital photography.”

Shirley Drevich ~ Ibis

Shirley Drevich ~ Ibis

Shirley Drevich holds a BFA from Tulane University in Ceramics and Photography. She did post graduate work in Jewelry at Boston University’s Program in Artisanry and forged a successful career designing, creating and marketing art jewelry.  For the past three years, Ms. Drevich has immersed herself in iPhone photography and showing her iPhone images in iPhoneography exhibits including Mobile P1xels – The Art of the iPhone 2012 at the Los Angeles Center for the Digital Arts;  the Worldwide iPhoneography Art Movement show in Naples, Italy; the first annual Mobile Art Festival in Santa Monica, California; The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art, New York, NY; The Giorgi Gallery in Oakland, CA; The Third Wave at the Garden Gate Creativity Center in Berkeley, CA. Recently, Ms. Drevich was invited to do a solo iPhoneography show titled “iSee” in Coconut Grove, FL.  In 2011, at the invitation of the Education Director at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami, FL, Drevich established the first iPhoneography curriculum in South Florida where she teaches all aspects of iPhoneography.

“I always liked photography and was intrigued by the first digital cameras but they weren’t very good. I got an early Nikon DSLR and enjoyed it but had shoulder and back issues that weren’t compatible with a backpack, lenses and a heavy camera. So, I just shot casually with a P&S while traveling. Then came my first iPhone 3GS and Hipstamatic. With it, my life changed and my passion for photography was renewed in a more creative way than I ever could have imagined. I am so thrilled that this camera is always with me, is so light-weight and can produce such creative results to be shared instantly with social networks and email.”

Cindy Patrick ~ Art Appreciation 4

Cindy Patrick ~ Art Appreciation 4

Cindy Patrick founded Cindy Patrick Photography and specializes in wedding photography, portraiture and iPhone imagery. Her iPhoneography has been exhibited globally, most notably in February 2012 at the Latitudes International Photography Festival in Huelva, Spain. There, she was one of only six iPhoneographers whose work was selected to be shown alongside that of many world-renowned photographers from the esteemed Magnum Photo Agency. In January, 2013, Cindy was a presenter at the annual Macworld/iWorld convention as part of the “Mobile Masters Sessions,” the largest assemblage of iPhoneography talent and inspiration to date, celebrating a new chapter in photography’s history – the Mobile Movement.

“Discovering Chase Jarvis’ book “The Best Camera is the One That’s With You” was a major turning point for me.  I suddenly began to look at the world around me differently and began snapping pictures like crazy with my iPhone just to see what things would look like.  Now 100% of my personal work is created using my iPhone.”

Roger Guetta ~ Spring Rites

Roger Guetta ~ Spring Rites

Roger Guetta, easily the most prolific member of the group, has been a Professor of Theatre Arts in Montreal for 30 years and currently teaches at Vanier College. Prior to teaching, Guetta was involved in the film business as a screenwriter and producer, ran his own theatre and was continuously experimenting with painting and photographic techniques. Professor Guetta has collaborated with artists and musicians in both Montreal and Toronto to create performance-based events using his work as the visual component – the most recent project being an installation built for the first annual Mobile Art Festival in Santa Monica, California in 2012. His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and shows too numerous to mention.

“I’ve never really been a traditional photographer. I come from a fine arts background but sometimes dabbled with my  Polaroid SX70. I loved pushing the SX70′s emulsion to transform the image. When I did experiment with darkroom techniques, I found myself painting over my black and whites with food coloring. When I bought my DSLR, I immersed myself into Photoshop techniques. Always a manipulator, never a purist. Then, (insert celestial music here) I fell in love with the iPhone and the array of apps which make the transformative experience an absolute joy.”

Rudy Vogel - Boop and Stoop Thrown For A Loop

Rudy Vogel – Boop and Stoop Thrown For A Loop

Rudy Vogel considers himself a ‘Renaissance Man’ – schooled in several disciplines and is a practitioner of commerce, computer science and, most recently his Digital Art. Vogel’s work has been shown at various exhibitions and galleries around the world, including: The Annual Munson Massachusetts Spring Art Show; GaleriaZero, Barcelona, Spain & in Chelsea, London; The Forbes Galleries & The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art, New York, NY; The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, The Giorgi Gallery in Oakland, CA, and the premiere event of its kind, The Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival in Santa Monica California in 2012. Recently, a selection of Mr. Vogel’s images were selected by Griffin Technology, a manufacturer of iPhone accessories, for their limited-edition Artist series of designer iPhone cases.

“I have been shutter-snapping consistently since I was a youth, but have only begun “snapping, apping & zapping” since Christmas of 2010. The images I shoot may sometimes be definitive or, what I call that “iconic” image. But, for the type of art I create, I view an image as my palette from which I mix & transfer colors, textures, components and so forth. These variables then become the ingredients I utilize within a work product I create, often times, piece by piece.”