Note: It's Los Angeles Center For Digital Art (not Arts as in my first poster)

artist, title, Paper, uploaded

  1. Sean Hayes, G Force, luster, yes
  2. Linda Schenck, Nice Wheels, luster, yes
  3. Knox Bronson, Metropolitan Home, Matte, yes
  4. Maia Panos, Morning Glow, Luster, yes
  5. Maia Panos, Golden Sheep, Matte, yes
  6. Jose Chavarry, Beach Scene, matte, yes
  7. Alon Goldsmith, The Shape Of Things, luster, yes
  8. Gordon Fraser, Spirit Of Ecstacy White, glossy, yes
  9. Gordon Fraser, Spirit Of Ecstacy Black, glossy, yes
  10. Ramona Gillentine, All Is Quiet, luster, yes
  11. James Clarke, The Boy With His Head In The Clouds, luster, yes
  12. Rosanna Cappiello, Untitled, luster, yes
  13. Cindy Patrick, She Dances On Air And Laughs At The Moon, luster, yes
  14. Kris Torma, Inside My Head, luster, yes
  15. Kris Torma, The Deer, matte, yes
  16. Glenn Homann, Alyce, matte, yes
  17. Glenn Homann, 40X1, matte, yes
  18. Fiona Christian, A Winter’s Day, matte, yes
  19. Catherine Restivo, I Am Touched But Not Broken By The Waves, luster, yes
  20. Irene Oleksiuk, Etched In Stone, matte, yes
  21. Rudy Vogel, My Heart Takes Hold, Luster, yes
  22. Rad Drew, Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel?, luster, yes
  23. Roger Guetta, Aftermath Of The Issue, matte, yes
  24. Hans Borghorst, Return of the Innocents, Matte, yes
  25. Hans Borghorst, Pogo at the Pier, Luster, yes
  26. Stephanie Grant, Art?, matte, yes
  27. Dan Marcolina, Rusted Ruins, luster, yes
  28. Shirley Drevich, Window Realm, matte, yes
  29. Christopher Swink, Silence, matte, yes

I have created a tag for the images in the show, LACDA1. Click on it to see the pictures that are confirmed at this point. What an amazing collection. Very hard to choose: there is so much beautiful work being done by the artists on Pixels/P1xels.

To those of you who have written about being included in the show, I have just heard from Rex that we have room for five more images, for a total of thirty-four. We will be looking through pictures today and tomorrow to choose the final entries.

We will do another show with a much longer lead time and call for submissions, and absolutely more slots for pictures, in the not too-distant future.

Please share the information about this show with your art-loving friends. And we hope to see you there!