Knox (l) and Marty Yawnick

Marty Yawnick, whose excellent site, Life In LoFi, remains the site to which I refer people who want to learn about iPhontography, and whose work I greatly admire as well, flew out from Dallas for the opening of Pixels At An Exhibition.

He has written a very kind review about the Giorgi show, Pixels At An Exhibition. as well as the emergent iPhontography culture it brought forth from the virtual realm, from wave to particle, as it were. I agree with his assessments wholeheartedly! He wrote:

Bottom Line: If you’re in or near the Bay Area, this is a Don’t Miss exhibition.
Pixels at an Exhibition is the first brick and mortar iPhoneography exhibit. While there have been other brick and mortar exhibitions where iPhone photography was a component, Pixels at an Exhibition is the first gallery show to feature iPhoneography exclusively. What organizers and curators Knox Bronson and Rae Douglass have done is to reach out to iPhoneographers around the globe. They’ve created an exhibition that exemplifies what the iPhone is capable of artistically and celebrates a broad range of styles coming from photographers who have embraced the technology of the iPhone and the spontaneity of having an inconspicuous camera with you everywhere you go.

To read the rest, please click here.

Thank you, Marty. It was great to meet you.