I am happy to announce this show at the prestigious Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts in Los Angeles. Opening Thursday, April 12, 2012. It’s ArtWalk night and if you’ve never been to the LA ArtWalk, it is crazy! LACDA gets a HUGE turnout. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5 pm, as well.

We are displaying about thirty prints, all large format—30″x38″ image area by approximately twenty five artists. So far, confirmed for the show, are, in no particular order:

  • Jose Chavarry
  • Maia Panos
  • Roger Guetta
  • Cindy Patrick
  • Dan Marcolina
  • Sean Hayes
  • Gordon Fraser
  • Ramona Gillentine
  • Rosanna Cappiello
  • Kris Torma
  • Glenn Homann
  • Fiona Christian
  • Catherine Restivo
  • Irene Oleksiuk
  • Rudy Vogel
  • Rad Drew
  • Stephanie Grant
  • Shirley Drevich
  • Christopher Swink
  • Linda Schenck
  • Alon Goldsmith
  • James Clarke
  • Knox Bronson

I have had a number of inquiries regarding the few slots left in the show. We will be selecting from artists who have already inquired as of 10 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. Thank you, everybody. We are already talking about doing another much bigger show.  Stay tuned!