I got a call from Shannon Broderick of Potion the other day.

She was looking for artists to use the beta version of her company’s app and make some cool short movies, known as potions. Naturally, when she found P1xels, she knew she had to look no further!

We had a nice chat. She sent the information below, but before we get to that, I want to give you her email address: sbroderick@potion.io. If you want to get a beta version of the app and create some short videos, please write to her.  I have given her a few names already, but there is plenty of room for more people! Which is why I’m posting this tonight.

It’s a fun app, still rough around the edges, but has real potential. I haven’t had time to do much more than play with it briefly. So read a little bit more about the company and if you would like to help them by creating some cool clips, please write to Shannon directly.

Shannon writes:

Potion is your identity through video.  Put another way, it’s a platform where people capture and share every special moment in their lives in a video format.

Potions are photos in motion.  You simply press once to take a photo.  In the background, the app captures a few seconds of video preceding the photo, creating a video clip.  You then link the video clips together and choose the music.  We transform the clips into a montage that tells your story.

We believe this could fundamentally change how people take and share video content — – just like Instagram did for photos.

We are a team of 5 based in Palo Alto and Seattle.  Our backgrounds are Sony, Microsoft, and Disney—3 out of the 5 worked together at a social game startup called Playdom that was bought by Disney.

Currently we are in a private beta.  We plan to be in the App Store in a month.  We are recruiting amateur photographers/iphoneographers to try out the app and make great content—anyone who takes hundreds of iPhone photos a week will make great content in Potion.