It's a great day that starts with a Hipstamatic shot of a gum-wrapper tree. Sometimes absolute cluelessness is not enough. But this was a little better than the Hipsta shot of a pot of boiling water.

People often write to me to inquire if the PixelEx App is working properly: they have sent in a number of pictures and none have been published. I must write back and explain that P1xels is a highly curated site. Some people take exception to this and never submit another picture. Others keep on pushing forward, developing their skills and their vision and begin producing work of P1xels caliber.

Curation is a very subjective process. I have learned a great deal since the launch of the site, the main thing being that, if I am curating from a place of scarcity or fear, I invariably begin posting pictures that should not be posted. I have never regretted not publishing a picture: I take no pleasure in not publishing a picture, although I have been accused of that; I have many a time regretted publishing a picture when five minutes or five hours later I realize it was a mistake. But un-publishing a picture is always fraught with negativity and hurt feelings, so a mistakenly published image must remain in the timeline.

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