Ella Clarke ~ When The Night Feels My Song

I’ve been doing the Daily Pic for almost two years now and I’ve never talked about the process of selecting the image each day. Some days it’s easy: there is one picture that just stands out and proclaims itself. Most days, it is a lot harder: there are five pictures that could be the Daily. Or the artist just had one a week ago. Or we had a black-and-white yesterday. Two still-lifes in a row? No. Had a nude the other day.

I’m always trying to mix it up with the Daily Pic. So … I think you will see where lots of very worthwhile images don’t make it as the daily. I had this idea, talking to Robert Mullen yesterday, to do a weekly “Second Look” and single out a few more images that caught my eye during the week.

I was planning on showcasing nine pictures (three rows of three) or ten (a standing slide show which will have to wait for the new site), but I had twenty pictures in minutes without even thinking about it. So then I had to go through and edit the selection down to twelve. Even now, as I write this, I’m second-guessing myself about what should be included in the first {second look. sunday.} feature. From the very beginning of Pixels, it has been the work submitted by the artists which sets the site apart from all the others, whether they are iphoneography sites, art sites, or photography sites. Pixels stands alone.

This week’s selection includes, in no particular order:

  1. Alain Guerquin, Orbitron ~ Alan’s whimsical psychedelia takes me back to the Summer of Love
  2. Cathy Ross, A Scent Of Scallions ~ A beautiful still-life.
  3. Ella Clarke, When The Night Feels My Song ~ a melancholy self-portrait, beautifully apped.
  4. Gareth Evans, Monoture #10 ~ Gareth sent in a series of beautiful, crisp black and whites, of which this one is emblematic.
  5. Jason Feather, The Kindness of Strangers ~ Jason does such beautiful street photography in northern Britain. His pieces always tell a story.
  6. Klaudia Cechini. a piece of ~ Newcomer Klaudia contributed some lovely self-portraits. I found this one particularly entrancing.
  7. Johanna Streich, Still Wingless ~ Johanna’s self-portraits exude melancholy, vulnerability, beauty, and the subtle power of femininity.
  8. Lu Guada, Le Mani ~ I don’t know how Lu does his images, but they just burst from the screen, full of warmth, humor, and sometimes weirdness, which I love.
  9. Max Frame, Landscape ~ with the layering of clouds, the good Dr. Frame busts a new stylistic move.
  10. Reed Johnson, Pontiac ~ A wonderfully apped automotive study, a bold celebration of American design.
  11. Shane Martin, Winter Travel – A wistful landscape.
  12. Yuriy Leskivif, If somebody wants a sheep, that is a proof that one exists / Antoine de Saint Exupery ~ Loved the humor, the color, the composition.

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