Son of Man by kb

Son of Man by kb

Yes, the big FIVE … gifts made of wood are appropriate … like a wood duck … listen to the ramble.

Thanks all.

Helluva ride.

P.S. One person who was on my list to thank & I missed mentioning is Frank Salvato of Apple, who booked us for the first Apple store event P1xels and introduced P1xels to all the stores where we did events. This was a huge boost for the visibility of the medium, and for all of us. Thank you, Frank.

P.P.S. I have floated out two numbers today: six months and nine months of P1xels gallery shows’ total art-hanging-on-walls-time. I went back double-checked. It’s actually over eleven months wall hanging time of fantastic work from the iphonic art community. Not a huge number in the history of world, but, you know, it’s something. :)