One of my first apped pics. Baby and guitar.

I just realized that today marks a very important day in the history of this site.

I woke up on the couch two years ago one dreary Sunday morning. It was very early and quiet. I lay there on the couch. Baby was asleep next to me. I had been taking pictures of her and posting them on her site daily, loving taking pictures with my iPhone.

Out of nowhere came the thought of photo apps for the iPhone. I grabbed mine & did a search, finding BestCam and ToyCamera immediately. Downloaded them, was obsessed within minutes. Showed them to Maia Panos a little later that day.

Within a week Maia started showing me the images she was making. When I saw her  “Tree,” it confirmed for me that my hunch—we were indeed dealing with and dabbling in a new artistic medium at its very earliest stages—was correct.

It would be about a month and a half before I approached Rae Douglass at the Giorgi Gallery about doing the first ever  juried iphonic art show, launching the P1xels site in early December and putting out the first call for submissions around the world.

Tree by Maia Panos

I would love to hear from you in the comments if you would to share about your discovery of and first experience with apps.


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