Update: Facebook relented and changed the name off the page to Pixels At An Exhibition. If you don’t already, please follow the Pixels At An Exhibition page on Facebook.

I am trying to get Facebook to allow me to change the name of our Facebook page, Pixels—The Art of the iPhone, to Pixels At An Exhibition. They say the name violates their guidelines. I have asked twice for the guidelines, but they have not provided them. They said I needed to show them a press release about the name change or an article on this website announcing the name change (if I read it correctly). Here is the article.

The reason I want to change the name of the Facebook page is that I’m trying to unify the branding (I hate that word) around the title of the book I am working, a history of the early years of iPhone photography, Pixels at an Exhibition—The Emergence of a New Art Form on the World Stage.

While I am at it, let me show you the working cover.

And then enjoy Arnold Schoenberg’s “Transfigured Night.” It’s how I feel when dealing with Facebook.