ElectroNest - Ramona Gillentine

As promised, the new feature: Orpheum, Wednesday Night Noir. This weeks best black-and-white images. Like everything else at Pixels, an experiment. I must confess I was so busy putting the LACDA show to bed and beginning work on the new show opening May 10 at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia (everybody I know who has been there just raves about the place), I didn’t give {orpheum.wednesday night noir} all the thought I should have. I’ll be better prepared next week.

This week, we will let the pictures speak for themselves, which they do eloquently. I am of the opinion that iphonic art is primarily a color medium, but there are clearly times where the image is best served by desaturating it, as this gallery clearly demonstrates. In fact, I might have to reassess my thoughts on the issue: I find this gallery of black-and-whites so compelling.

Thanks to all the artists for such wonderful work.