Natali Prosvetova

I have been hoping to find some artists in Russia for a long time. Pixels has work coming in from all over the world as most of you know, but the Russian connection has been elusive. I do not have time to go out and look for artists as I might. So I was happy to see the arrival of Natali Prosvetova, from Moscow, on the site. She is a most charming and enthusiastic iphoneographer.
I thought I would share her explanation for this image as a way of introducing her.

I want to tell You about this work a little bit…..
I`ve decided that without history, this picture will not be filled with all the meaning
Historical note: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
When Napoleon Bonaparte retreated from Moscow, Emperor Alexander I signed a manifest, 25 December 1812, declaring his intention to build a Cathedral in honor of Christ the Saviour “to signify …Our gratitude to Divine Providence for saving Russia from the doom that overshadowed Her” and as a memorial to the sacrifices of the Russian people.
The Cathedral took many years to build and did not emerge from its scaffolding until 1860. After the Revolution and, more specifically, the death of Lenin, the prominent site of the cathedral was chosen by the Soviets as the site for a monument to socialism known as the Palace of the Soviets. This monument was to rise in modernistic, buttressed tiers to support a gigantic statue of Lenin perched on top of a dome with his arm raised in the air.
On 5 December 1931 the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was dynamited and reduced to rubble. It took more than a year to clear the debris from the site. The construction of the Palace of Soviets was interrupted owing to a lack of funds, problems with flooding from the nearby Moskva River, and the outbreak of war. The flooded foundation hole remained on the site until, under Nikita Khrushchev, it was transformed into the world’s largest open air swimming pool, named Moskva Pool.In February 1990, the Russian Orthodox Church received permission from the Soviet Government to rebuild the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The construction fund was initiated in 1992 and funds began to pour in from ordinary citizens in the autumn of 1994. In this year the pool was demolished and the cathedral reconstruction commenced. About one million Muscovites donated money for the project. The lower church was consecrated to the Saviour’s Transfiguration in 1996, and the completed Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was consecrated on the Transfiguration day, 19 August 2000.(Wikipedia)
I think this picture would be so provocative…but on this picture is one part of story of my country through my eyes…
Thank You so much for your attention to my person (I don`t sure that it sounds correctly on English language) =) lol