For many in the active online community of iPhontographers, Marty Yawnick and his excellent iPhone photo blog, Life in LoFi, need no introduction. Suffice it to say that, when people ask me how to get up to speed with iPhontography, I direct them to Marty’s site every time.

Marty, aside from being a great app reviewer and teacher in the way he is so generous with his knowledge, is also a wonderful artist. Three of his images were voted into the Giorgi Gallery show and I can attest to how many times visitors to the gallery have singled out his images for praise.

I am happy he agreed to join us here as our first Featured Artist on the site. We have discussed his ideas for this series at length and all I will say is that they will tagged with the name of that strange American city, Dallas.

Thank you, Marty, and welcome!

Hi. I’m Marty and I’m an iPhoneographer.

I love the spontaneity of shooting with an iPhone. Despite the relatively low resolution of my 2G, it really can take remarkable photos. More importantly, it’s there with me all the time to capture *remarkable images.* As they say, I have a camera that I sometimes use to make phone calls.

One of the many things that I love about shooting with my iPhone instead of my Canon is how non-intrusive it is when photographing a scene. Whipping out a big camera causes people to react differently — less spontaneous. Whipping out an iPhone to grab moments of life appears to the observer more like texting than photography — the camera doesn’t affect the natural progression of a moment. Shooting with my iPhone allows me to get you right in the middle of a scene. You become a visual participant of a moment and not simply a bystander.

Fortunately, the image quality of the iPhone is good enough that you can also generate some good quality printed photography as well, as many galleries and exhibitions are now discovering.

I’m glad and honored to be the Charter iPhonetographer for Pixel at an Exhibition. This month, I’ll be taking you on a journey through Dallas, Texas. Fort Worth, thirty miles to the west is my home, but Big D is just a short drive or a train ride to the east. It’s the city of J.R. Ewing, Walker Texas Ranger and the Dallas Cowboys (who actually haven’t played *in* Dallas in 40 years). It’s a city that still hasn’t fully healed from that day in November of 1963.

It’s a wonderful city that’s always in flux. Dallas is a city that seems to reinvent itself every 20 years. It’s a city of great wealth and shocking poverty — many times within blocks of each other. Dallas is a forward-looking city, until recently often at the expense of its past. It’s a very metropolitan city, a mix of people from all over the country and all over the world, supported by a foundation of stubborn Texas bravado.

My goal is not to shoot another travelogue, but to share with you some found moments that only a city like Dallas can create. I’ll try to keep my talk to a minimum and just let the pictures tell their story.

Greetings from Dallas/Fort Worth. I hope you enjoy my photos.